Gora Datta, PhD

Gora Datta, PhD

Chairman & CEO CAL2CAL Corp


I am a Member of IEEE Computer Society for over 28 years. Member of TEMS for over 7 years, EMBS for over 6 years, and also a WIE Affinity Group member for over 2 years. Besides being a member of IEEE Standards Association for over 5 years, I am also an active volunteer hold multiple leadership positions at HL7 (a Health Informatics Standards Development Organization) and also at ISO/TC215: International Standards Organization Technical Committee on Health Informatics TC215.

I am also active at IEEE Conferences; was 2021 Chair of SusTech: technology for sustainability – a R6 flagship conference. Earlier was its vice-chair for couple of years. I also founded, for the first time in IEEE, a year-long Virtual Series called IEEE Healthcare: Blockchain and AI – concept now gaining traction but was unique when it was started in the early days of Pandemic in 2020. Currently I am the Chair or part of Organizing Committee of a few upcoming IEEE Conferences in 2022 and beyond: Founding General Chair of 2022 IEEE 1st-GET:Global Emerging Technology Blockchain Forum.